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How does home monitoring work in Miami?

December 19, 2022
Smartphone access to a home security system.

You’ve done your due diligence and arrived at the decision that home security systems are worthwhile for the safety of your residence. You even like the idea of a smart home to add convenience and energy savings to your day. But are you still wondering about home monitoring?

Let’s take a moment to explore how home monitoring works in [[targelocation]] and why this extra line of protection is worth every penny.

Here’s how Miami home monitoring works

If having 24/7 access to dedicated security professionals sounds like a smart idea to you, you’re ready to integrate home monitoring. Even though they are always just seconds away when something happens, that doesn’t suggest they are exceedingly invasive. You won’t find them viewing your home or inspecting your video clips. Rather, they go to work the instant an emergency takes place. Here’s how:

  • At the moment one of your components is set off -- whether it’s a window sensor or CO detector -- your Vivint Smart Hub™ is instantly signaled.

  • Your Vivint Smart Hub then sends the warning automatically to your monitoring team.

  • A home security monitoring specialist will then contact you to verify the alarm and inquire about your safety.

  • Whenever the monitoring specialist is unable to reach you, they will instantly alert emergency assistance.

  • Your team is there to help you through the situation and will serve as the primary point of contact with authorities whenever you are away.

Home monitoring is similar to having your own private security team tied right to your smart components. This is more than merely a sense of peace as you have actual, live experts to help you through your emergency.


Safeguarding your home, even when you’re not there

Having 24/7 support at the ready in case of an emergency is great when you’re home as you’ll be occupied making sure those in your family are out of danger. It’s even more essential when a crisis occurs while you’re at work or traveling. Consider your fire alarm beeping or a glass break sensor triggering your alarm when you’re on vacation. What happens when there isn’t anyone there to heed the sound of the loud siren? By integrating round-the-clock monitoring, your property is always defended, no matter your location.

Your Vivint Smart Hub is critical in Miami home monitoring

You can consider your Vivint Smart Hub as the nucleus of your property’s security. All signals from components are directed through this important, centralized hub. Along with being your bridge to monitoring specialists, the smart hub delivers these added virtues:

  • Emergency button to contact your home monitoring agents
  • Bi-directional audio functionality allowing you to speak right to your monitoring specialists
  • You have the ability to ask for assistance with any type of issue, including medical problems

If you can’t locate your mobile device when a disaster occurs, you’ll still be able to talk with your monitoring agents right through your Vivint Smart Hub.

Order home monitoring with your advanced Miami security system

Leave it to the specialists at Vivint and order a completely connected Miami smart home with the 24-hour monitoring, fire alarms, and entryway sensors you require. We are well aware of the importance of monitoring which is the reason why it is included with our core packages. If you would like to boost your property’s defense, dial (786) 833-7988 or submit the following form to get started.